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Miracle Detectives examines Pastor Gerry speaking in tongues

Gettysburg pastor Gerry Stoltzfoos was profiled on the Oprah Network (OWN) program Miracle Detectives (Episode 4). The spiritual leader who runs the Freedom Valley Worship Center wrote in his blog back in June about taping the show. (more…)

Cures for a cold. No good ones yet.

Do you have a cold? What works and what doesn’t work to make it go away? How do you know?

LOTS of people tout this or that cure for the common cold but they base their reasoning on their own personal experiences or the stories of others. (more…)

10 23 Challenge Day

Today is the 10 23 challenge day when people all over the world participate in a demonstration to show that homeopathic medicine is fake. (more…)

Don’t freak out over negative energy

In neighboring Maryland, a local real estate person is on a mission to inform people about the hazards of aquifers. He believes that certain conditions can cause “adverse” or negative energy to enter your home which results in stress and illness. What is the evidence of this? (more…)

The hollow dispute over vaccines

At KSRI, we wish to point out that there are more reasonable positions to take than the ones that your neighbors, family and local community may support. It is difficult to take the rational high road sometimes, especially when it involves children. So, with a topic that invokes dreadful fears about making children ill, the emotion runs at an all-time high. This is a hugely important topic that everyone should know about, even if you do not have children — do vaccines cause autism.

The answer is “No”. VERY clearly “No”.

How did psychics do in 2010?

Poorly. As usual. See a rundown here.

Celebrity psychics claims for the coming year fall into several categories: (more…)

Another “no” for echinacea

We’ve all got colds this time of year. Here is some information you might not have heard discussed around the water cooler, family gatherings or certainly not from your local health and vitamin store. Echinacea is again shown to be worthless for relieving colds.

From Science-based medicine: Science-Based Medicine » Echinacea for Cold and Flu

This latest study add to the prior clinical research for echinacea and cold symptoms, which is basically negative. Like any such clinical research, there are lots of small and poorly controlled studies, with mixed results. Even the larger and somewhat controlled studies have mixed results, but the largest and best controlled studies are all negative.


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